This is a question that has been plaguing me ever since I have been helping people out!

Why do people smoke when they know it is unhealthy, may cause disease and downright dangerous? Why do people do this. I am no saint or monk when it comes to living a perfectly clean life, but I get it pretty close and I am in great shape, but it intrigues me. Here is some interesting research that I came across reading Jordan Peterson’s book: “12 Rules for life”. Where he goes into the psychology of why people are more likely to give their pets there medication than themselves.

SO it goes along the lines like this: If you take your pet to the vet, you are 90% likely to follow through with their procedure or course of medication. IF people go to the doctor, they are only 50% likely to buy the medication!! and only 30% likely to complete the course as prescribed. Now this has an underlying attitude that I am looking to understand so that I can get people to do things that get them healthy and stop them doing things that make them sick. After all 60-80% of South Africans get sick from a PREVENTABLE disease and die PREMATURELY!!! That is your family, your children and your loved ones!! SCARY hey??? SO I want to change that. Life is hard and filled with suffering and if I can shift that with the people that I am involved with , I will leave a place for my kids (the world) that has less suffering and pain. A worthy mission in my eyes? but its hard if people are not going to do the things that they know are going to make a difference to their family’s health.

SO in Jordan Peterson’s book he touches on it. (I am not finished his book yet.) Part of it is that one of the reasons we don’t like other people is that we don’t like the things that they have done or said and that repels us from them, we respect them less and hold them in less esteemed positions in our mind. The problem with that in our judgement is that we have seen EVERYTHING that we , ourselves have done and EVERYTHING that we have said as well, and some of those things are pretty monstrous and malevolent and we judge ourselves so strongly about them that we have low self respect and low self worth, and who is going to do things for those in our life that we have no respect for?? Another part of it is that if we ask that part of our self (we have many different voices and parts to our self, its true, that why you speak to yourself) to do something, like: “hey, I would like some help with this, so that we might make a change and their will be less suffering in our life.” and if we do it, there is a part of us that is scared that we will become demanding and then end up doing more and more and more, and taking away from the fun things in life and that we will lose our “freedom”. Another part is pure ignorance. People just don’t know and don’t want to know and dont want the responsibility. IT is a helluva lot easier to take one pill in the morning than to eat properly and exercise a bit and manage our mind and see the chiropractor.

SO my mission now is to get people into a better state of mind that they can make better decisions in life and better choices that will definitely change their lives and save their lives!!! IT is all about respecting our self as these flippen complicated beings in this complicated life, so that we can give our self a better chance at some level of learning and growth and that state of JOY that we are getting somewhere up the big mountain of life!!!

Anyway, try that on for a bit of thought provoking views, remember nothing here is true, but its the way it is….

SO there are a few things that I have learnt that can change your state of mind. First is a chiropractic adjustment, you may have read before, a chiropractic adjustment can change your brain function by up to 20%!!! TWENTY PERCENT!!! And it is the part of the brain that gives you better panning for the future, confidence and optimism, wow, you make better decisions that way. When you are in appreciation, so doing gratitude lists, journaling (look at Jordan Peterson’s self authoring program, a special on the go is 2 of these programs for $29 – AWESOME), sex does it, coffee does it, laughing does it, exercise, good food, and there are heaps of unhealthy ones that so it too…

Please share this with those you care for, you could save a life!!!