Babies & Children

As Parents We All Have The Same Goal

Parents come to see us as a wellness based family practice typically for three main reasons:


Keep thriving

Their child may be perfectly healthy but they are eager for more tips and ideas to secure their health. They know other children who are “really thriving” and they are curious about what they can do differently to give them a greater chance at life.

Not Quite Right

Their child may NOT be autistic or developmentally challenged but this youngster is driving them crazy because they whine and moan all day long. They have a pale complexion with dark shadows under their eyes. They seem tired and listless, they catch every cold and flu bug in town, they suffer with ear aches and they just eat rubbish, and gravitate towards sugar filled tomato sauce sandwiches and packets of chips. Most days these parents may feel lost and hopeless but innately they know there’s something compromising their child’s health. These parents are tired of being given prescriptions or being told that “there’s nothing wrong with your child” or “they’ll grow out of it.” “How many sets of grommets does a child need anyway?”



Babies and children undergo a number of physical, chemical as well as emotional stresses in this day and age! A child today has 5000 falls by the time they are 5!! Families are more stressed now than they have ever been! There are more damaging chemicals in supermarkets than you can imagine. With all of this, there is no surprise that children’s bodies are getting out of balance and not functioning as well as they can, manifesting actual diseases or clearly showing signs of compromised systems.

Wellness chiropractors see the body as a whole, acknowledging that the body works synergistically together, so that when one area of our body is taxed or compromised other areas can in time, become vulnerable. Chiropractors aim to restore the body back to a stronger state of function by aligning the spine, allowing the nervous system to control the functions and healing of the body.

While current health issues are addressed, as wellness chiropractors we are most excited about helping patients become responsible and proactive about all facets of their health. Techniques used on babies and children are very gentle. We recommend that children should see a chiropractor regularly to help insure that their spine and nervous system develop in the best possible way through every stage of growth.



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