I have been working with Nick Mallet since 2003 and added to the fact that he has a fantastic record as an International Rugby Coach [Coaching the Springboks he has 17 wins in a row and a 71%-win ratio as coach of the Springboks, second only to Kitch Christie post isolation], has some interesting insights on the way he addresses his health and his body.

Here are the main insights that I was fortunate to listen to in an interview earlier this year. Personally, I think he is a great mind, not just for rugby, but a very clever man, open and willing to listen and take into account things that many people shun without thinking…

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An interesting fact: Nick Mallet represented Oxford in 3 separate disciplines. Rugby, obviously, Rowing, not surprising and Bridge. This was once shared to me by my cousin who was a Rhodes Scholar and later confirmed by Nick himself.

When Nick Plays golf (even when the others are in carts) he runs to his ball.He had a major shift in his training methodologies, which were aimed, in all intents and purposes for a game of rugby, to a longer training time and about half the intensity. Walking and more body weight exercises.Nick walks about 2 hours every day (when he is not commentating on Supersport

“Every 3 months I give myself a complete cleanout for 2 weeks, no alcohol, no carbs, no sugar. It’s like a good flush out.”

“I have had more than a dozen serious injuries, broken bones, muscle tears and more, and at the age of 61 I still feel great and am supple and pain free and a lot better than when I was 51!!”

How is that, definitely a sign that age is merely a number and that it can be done despite previous mishaps and injuries, MAN the body is an amazing thing….

On chiropractic: Nick used to only see a chiro when he was really in acute pain, as you can imagine what an international career can do to your body. But when I introduced him to regular care and now between myself (when he is in Knysna) and a very good friend of mine in Johannesburg, Dr Adam Sayers, Nick sees a conscious and wellness-based chiropractor between once a week and once a month. He has had none of the same acute pains he used to have.

Nick also explained that he used to get serious bouts of flu, man down and bad for a week or so. Since starting the regular chiropractic care he has not had this. Once again, a confirmation that chiropractic can dramatically influence the immune system… And he says he just feels so good!

So there you have it.

What can you learn from this and what can you apply to your life?