Being a resident of this beautiful part of our coastline, and if you are a nature buff, the odds are that you have hiked the world renowned Otter Trail. It has been running since 1968 and is officially the oldest hiking trail in SA. It is usually done as a 5 day hiking trail from Storms River to Natures Valley, but every year the Magnetic South team, clears the route and professionally organises what is one of the premium events of the year, the Otter African Trail Run!

Last year I was at the finish of The Otter and witnessed what is now well known as a super human feat. So much so that it has been equated to Bob Beamon’s feat at the 1968 summer Olympics. Marc Lauenstein managed to finish this race in under 4 hours!!!! and took away R100 000 in the process (he gave half of it away to charity!) I spoke to him afterwards and it was great to see such a humble man talk wisely about how great trail running is because it is not so professional and that is what makes it great. Read this inspiring article about this record breaking sub 4 hour Otter. IT got me so emotional that I decided there and then that I had to do this, so speaking to John and Mark and the team at Magnetic South, I managed to get my entry and I am in line to be running the otter trail this year!!! Every alternate year it is run West to East (natures Valley to Storms River). It is now just over a month to go and my training is really going well, despite some hiccups along the way. I too get injuries, if you are to know. I am not superhuman after all. So Vicci has been helping keeping me together so that I can tick one of the things off my bucket list and that is to run the Otter in under 8 hours. Twice the time it took last years winner. And that for me will be a great achievement. if you are into this sort of thing, there are shorter runs on the day, a 10km run that is very do-able. My run is the 13 October and the Real race is the 15th.

See you on the trail… SOMEWHERE???