Nicky Schwedler

I now know which areas of my body are under stress and require longer term Chiropractic care, not to mention the work I need to do on myself – simple enough things like exercising and meditation.

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Tanja Badenhorst

“Dr Brett thank u sooooo much the 1st time in YEARS some one is able 2 help me with my lower back pain,I was so bad at a stage and in pain that I told Vannessa and my folks that I will give up my legs just to NOT have lower back pain, YOU are [...] read more


“Rome wasn’t built in a day. If I consider my journey to good health, I can equate it to a baby learning to walk. I did not get better overnight. I have a degenerated spine which is inoperable and a pronounce scoliosis. When I went to Brett, I was on Lyrica, took two Pynstop three [...] read more