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Dr Brett and Dr Vicci give regular talks and workshops countrywide to patients, corporates and teams. These include nutrition, stress management, exercise, lifestyle management as well as onsite chiropractic. Enspire Wellness Coaching is an exciting program including online course content, onsite chiropractic, accountability groups and webinars.


Dr Vicci gives regular nutritional talks on metabolic balance. For more information on this click on the logo

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Latest Blogs on Workshops and Coaching

In the Heat of the Moment

Knysna was hit by devastating fires in June. It was a terrifying and surreal time for all of us and in many ways is still hard to think about. We thought that we had lost the building in Knysna town where chiroLIFE operates from as we had to join the hundreds of people that had to evacuate. We were [...] read more

Peas of Cake seminar-Picky eating gone too far?

Join the PEAS OF CAKE Seminar Tuesday 27th June, 9am-12am OR 29th June 6pm-9pm. @ chiroLIFE, 28 Fichat street, Knysna Central     OR Saturday 9t August, 9am-12am @ George Arts Theatre Presented by Dr Vicci Deverneuil from chiroLIFE (chiropractor & metabolic balance coach) Many children eat so little variety or amount that it interferes with physical, social or emotional [...] read more

Exercise – Getting Started

Exercise is a powerful tool that greatly influences your ability to be fully healthy.

Combine it with the other pillars of health — proper nutrition, sufficient high-quality sleep, stress management, and holistic living — and you’ve got the perfect formula to help you move up the ladder to good health.

read more

Focus ADHD Workshop

This topic is something of interest to both children and adults alike. ADHD is a controversial subject that affects millions of people. During this workshop natural ways to help eliminate the symptoms of ADHD were discussed, as well as the truth behind ADHD medications. read more

Parents Free at Last

This was our busiest workshop! LOCAL CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE HOSTS FREE, HEALTHY AND FUN WORKSHOP FOR KIDS During this kid-centric event, the children of the practice enjoyed a fun evening of healthy food, activities, and entertainment as well as some learning. While the kids enjoyed their time learning and playing, the parents got a “night out.” read more

Healthy Holidays

At this seminar we  challenged our patients to proactively make healthy choices daily, not just with our nutrition – but with our sense of community caring and giving – and there is no better time to bring this to the forefront than the holiday season.     read more

Raw Chocolate Workshop

There are many chocolate lovers in this community and nationwide! It’s one of our guilty pleasures.  However, “guilt” doesn’t have to be associated with chocolate.  This is why we were so excited to be hosting a unique and fun event on Chocoholics Anonymous!  The workshop was free, and open to entire families of this community!  During this [...] read more

Bliss-Workshop on headaches

Headaches are common in our society, with 47% of the adult population admitting to headache pain at least once within the last year. While headaches are common disorders of the nervous system, they are painful and can be debilitating and lead to more severe issues. What most people do is mask the pain with aspirin [...] read more

Put Bedwetting to Bed Workshop

Bedwetting is a sensitive topic-many parents feel guilty or ashamed if they're a bed wetter. The aim of this presentation was to explore causes of bedwetting and to discuss solutions that can be implemented. Currently, there are many main-stream solutions for bedwetting which don’t necessarily cure the underlying issue. We discussed the role of chiropractic [...] read more

Be Smooth Workshop

While most patients are excited to start their chiropractic adjustments, remove back pain, and improve energy, they struggle to develop better eating habits. “Eating healthy is so hard,” they say. “It’s not that I don’t want to eat well ... it’s just that I love pizza.” Foods can be addictive, and without healthy habits already in place, it [...] read more

Birth & Beyond Pregnancy Fair

chiroLIFE had loads of fun hosting the first ever Birth and Beyond Wellness Fair in the Garden Route. The Fair’s mission was to connect holistic families of our community to local resources, information and professional expertise. This event was about showcasing our local pregnancy, birth and baby resources in a fun and interactive way. Speakers were [...] read more

Supermom Screening

Dr Vicci & Dr Brett are passionate about raising healthy children in a modern world. They give regular talks at the various local schools and have done spinal screenings, workshops and check ups at the preschools or have open days at chiroLIFE where parents are invited to bring their children in.  To add to this, it takes healthy parents [...] read more