Our popular local restaurant in Sedgefield, Seafood, Pub and Grill, Montecello hosted the November 2012 Slow Food Workshop, our last one for the year! Owner run and managed by Anita in the restaurant and Craig in the kitchen, it has recently celebrated its 25th birthday.

Colin Chapon, the Slow Food facilitator welcomed everyone to the Hot and Spicy occasion, then handed the meeting over to Dr Brett Lederle a Knysna chiropractor who challenged us to consider the choices we make that influence our health – emotionally, mentally and physically saying that 99% of our health is determined by our choices and only 1% is related to genetics.

Our first line of defence physically is our immune system and this is compromised by the health of our colon. ‘Death’, he said ‘begins in the colon.’ Physiologically, our bodies are not able to deal with either refined foods or highly processed foods and foods containing ingredients such colorants, preservatives and flavorants. Toxic waste builds up, slows down elimination, weakens our immune system and that is how illness is created.

Cancer does not happen overnight. It takes years of toxic onslaught to the cells of our bodies before eventually they become too weak to fight disease and chronic illness presents itself. We don’t like to think “we are what we eat” but as far as our physical bodies are concerned, there is no escaping that fact.

Whole foods like bread made from stone-ground flour, nuts and seeds, fresh fruit and vegetables organically grown where possible, raw honey, water, and of course fresh air and regular exercise contribute hugely not only to our health but a sense of well-being also.

Brett’s philosophy is expressed on his business card… BE MORE!

Do more than Touch – FEEL! Do more than See – LOOK! Do more than Read – LEARN! Do more than Listen – HEAR! Do more than Taste – SAVOUR! Do more than Think – CONTEMPLATE! Do more than Breathe – INSPIRE! Do more than Exist – LIVE! Do more than Survive – THRIVE!