Give your baby the best start

Most parents want to give their unborn child the healthiest start in life, but are not aware that the way they enter the world has a direct affect on their health.

Healthy Pregnancy

Up to 50-90% of moms have back pain in their pregnancy. Chiropractic care has shown to reduce back pain in pregnancy by 75%. Some moms to be also experience difficulties like nausea, heartburn, constipation, frequent urination or pubic pain. Maintaining the integrity of the spine through chiropractic care will mean a well-functioning nervous system which allows women to manage many of the challenges mentioned. There are tremendous hormonal and physical changes in the body and this can result in some women feeling ill or experiencing overwhelming emotions throughout their pregnancy.

Easy Birth

Chiropractic has been shown to make a favorable difference in the length of labour (up to 39%) as well as the trauma for both mom and baby. Women undergoing chiropractic care have shown a 50% reduction in the need for pain medication and less need for surgical intervention and the use of drugs.

Healthy Baby

Having mom’s spine checked by a chiropractor ensures that the pelvis is sitting correctly to allow optimum uterus position and room for the baby to grow and move. This allows for optimum physical growth, brain development and therefore OPPORTUNITY in life. Chiropractic care has shown improved nursing for over 80% of babies. Most importantly chiropractic will help facilitate natural birth and avoid unwanted C-sections. C-sections impact ability for baby to breastfeed, digest, and sleep. Babies born through C-section are predisposed to allergies, have 3x more chance of getting asthma and are exposed to more chemicals like antibiotics.


Your chiropractors at ChiroLIFE will help you feel more at ease with a calming, caring professional outlook that can hold you in a safe space through this major journey.

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