Dr Brett Lederle from chiroLIFE loved the opportunity of speaking to a crowd at Pezula Field of Dreams about one of his favourite hobbies-GOLF!

Professional and amateur golfers turn to chiropractic care as one of the best strategies for maintaining health on and off the course and achieving the best possible performance, according to the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (FCP). Household names including Tiger Woods, David Duval, and Padraig Harrington are just a few of the professional golfers who rely upon chiropractors.

“These health professionals ensure the overall well-being of golfers so that they can play at the top of their game. “Golfers who access treatment by a chiropractor with multidisciplinary experience will experience fewer injuries, perform better, and achieve greater results. Restoring and improving skeletal and joint mobility with associated skeletal and joint stability is a focus of chiropractic treatment.”