Join the PEAS OF CAKE Seminar

Tuesday 27th June, 9am-12am OR 29th June 6pm-9pm.

@ chiroLIFE, 28 Fichat street, Knysna Central     OR

Saturday 9t August, 9am-12am

@ George Arts Theatre

Presented by Dr Vicci Deverneuil from chiroLIFE (chiropractor & metabolic balance coach)

boy and vegetables

Many children eat so little variety or amount that it interferes with physical, social or emotional development. With diagnoses and labels like “failure to thrive,” selective eating, sensory disorders and just plain picky, families are struggling with what approach to take.

In this seminar you will learn:

  • Definitions and causes of feeding issues
  • How to prevent picky eating
  • Strategies for a peaceful and rewarding mealtime
  • If your child is getting adequate nutrition
  • Mealtime ideas

Tuesday 27th June, 9am-12am OR 29th June 6pm-9pm.