200g sunflower seeds (ground in coffee ginder-optional)

60g flax seeds (ground-optional)

100g sesame seeds

2 tbsp psyllium huska

2 ½ cups water

Pinch of salt

Mix all the ingredients together and cover for 10 min. Spread the mixture as thinly as possible onto a silicone tray or in the dehydrator. Bake at 160 °C (rotate or turn during) for 15-20min in oven or overnight for 8-12 hours (turn crackers from solid sheets to mesh sheets and allow a further 1-2 hours). If you want neater and more consistent sizes cut into shapes halfway through drying.

Nutty crackers-


Add ½ cup

  • Soaked and pureed sundried tomato
  • 5 pureed baby marrow
  • ½ yellow pepper (pureed)

Optional spices:

2 tbsp tamari / braggs aminos

1 tbsp Garlic

2 tbsp finely chopped or pureed onion