“Rome wasn’t built in a day. If I consider my journey to good health, I can equate it to a baby learning to walk. I did not get better overnight. I have a degenerated spine which is inoperable and a pronounce scoliosis. When I went to Brett, I was on Lyrica, took two Pynstop three times a day and also went for a spinal injection every few months. I was living a nightmare. I had done the conventional medical route plus physiotherapy. I thought this was my last resort and that I really had nothing to lose. Brett told me that I should make a commitment and have a series of adjustments. I was prepared to try anything to improve my situation. I saw an improvement after a month. Now, three years later, with regular adjustments, I am a different person. I am no longer on Lyrica, Pynstop or spinal injections. Drugs have massive side effects and I feel more vital since not needing them. If I overdo any activity and go into spasm my recovery is a few days and not weeks. The major factor is that I have very little pain. Let’s not forget that I am 75 years old and that I have a degenerated spine. I am so impressed with my progress that I have no hesitation in recommending chiroLIFE to anyone who has tried everything and has nothing to lose except pain. I have been to chiropractors in the past when my body was cranked into scary contortions. It seems there are different schools. chiroLIFE does nothing radical or uncomfortable. So subtle that it is amazing- it is so effective.”