Knysna was hit by devastating fires in June. It was a terrifying and surreal time for all of us and in many ways is still hard to think about. We thought that we had lost the building in Knysna town where chiroLIFE operates from as we had to join the hundreds of people that had to evacuate. We were relieved that only a small section of the practice building was affected. ChiroLIFE opened its doors to those affected. Dr Brett Lederle took his portable bed to the various stations so that the fireman as well as pilots had easier access to chiropractic care in order to help them through the sleepless and strenuous days of fighting to keep the fires under control. I on the other hand have never appreciated and needed my profession more as I had close colleagues in Cape Town give me some phenomenal adjustments and support to cope with the strain and anxiety. Over the last three months our practice has helped many people ‘rise up’ through this difficult time and it has been an honour to serve in our own way.