Your health is the most

  important thing for you

to live your best life possible


We are all faced with three different kinds of stress in our lives. This puts the body out of balance, which causes nerve interference, which compromises the natural ability of the body to heal.

We were all born healthy, with an inborn ability for the body to heal itself! Our aim is to get your body back to that state so that you have a greater opportunity to realise your greatest potential! We believe that most people know that the nervous system controls everything. Chiropractic aims to find and correct any disturbances in your spine and nerves that are interfering with the flow of information that normally allows the nervous system to heal the body and be healthy. This allows the body to return to a natural balanced state, allowing it to work and heal the way it should.

 SO regardless of what you come to see us for, whether you are a new born child, and adult or a sportsman, our aim will be the same, to help people get closer to true wellness so that they can realise a greater potential in their life. 


 For eg. financial or political strain, difficulty in relationships, unhappy at work or school.


We are often overworked and under rested. We sit too much or watch too much TV and exercise too little.


We are constantly exposed to pollutants, toxins, chemicals and hormones in our food, water and air. Many people are on chronic medications, overusing drugs or smoking and drinking too much alcohol.

We were all born healthy, with an inborn ability for the body to heal itself! Our aim is to get your body back to that state so that you have a greater opportunity to realise your greatest potential! While current health issues are addressed, as wellness chiropractors we are most excited about helping patients become responsible and proactive about all facets of their health.

Patients come to see us, for one of the following reasons:

Maximise Health

People live a conscious and healthy life and are aware of the above mentioned stressors. Even though they are have no apparent problems, they are interested in maximising their odds at a healthy, optimum and thriving life, and like to know if there are ways to improve their current state of health.


Out of Sorts

They don’t have specific diseases and even the medical doctors say there is nothing wrong with them, but they know that something is not quite right, they feel out of sorts, off the boil and just plain down. They are tired of getting sick all the time and they know that it is not normal. They know innately that this is not how “health” is supposed to be and they need help getting themselves back.



People may come to us with specific health issues like back and neck pain, general aches and pains, sports injuries, use of chronic medications or serious issues like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. People come looking for support to get their health back and live a more fulfilling life.







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Flu Vaccines get advertised very strongly in this country and there are even points offered for it on some medical aid plans. The latest information shows that the vaccine had no clear effect in those between the ages of 18 and 49. Ditto for the elderly. Among young children, the effectiveness was about 60 percent. In other age groups, the effectiveness topped out at 42 percent.

NOTHING can replace a good, well balanced LIFESTYLE to create a body that is STRONG, RESILIENT and ROBUST to handle all things in life, including the flu!!!

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Chiropractic care is safe and effective in managing Osteoporosis
Other necessary things to aid in strong and dense bone is exercise and good nutrition
One of the missing ingredients in the formula is a little known vitamin called Vit K2, it helps the body to absorb calcium, as well as other things

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Chiropractic and ADHD, case studies.

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Help I’m anxious

The above headline appeared on the October 1, 2004, "Newswise", and the October 6, 2004 "".  These news stories stemmed from a published report appearing in the September 20, 2004 issue of the peer-reviewed periodical, "Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research" (JVSR).  The report was a case study of a 19-year old female diagnosed with General [...] read more