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FLU Vaccinations – latest update…

Flu Vaccines get advertised very strongly in this country and there are even points offered for it on some medical aid plans. The latest information shows that the vaccine had no clear effect in those between the ages of 18 and 49. Ditto for the elderly. Among young children, the effectiveness was about 60 percent. In other age groups, the effectiveness topped out at 42 percent.

NOTHING can replace a good, well balanced LIFESTYLE to create a body that is STRONG, RESILIENT and ROBUST to handle all things in life, including the flu!!!

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Peas of Cake: Picky Eating Seminar 12 June Knysna

Join this Free Seminar Tuesday 12th June, 10am-12am . @ chiroLIFE, 28 Fichat street, Knysna Central Presented by Dr Vicci Deverneuil from chiroLIFE (chiropractor & metabolic balance coach) Many children eat so little variety or amount that it interferes with physical, social or emotional development. With diagnoses and labels like “failure to thrive,” selective eating, sensory [...] read more

Why do we do things that we know damage our health?

This is a question that has been plaguing me ever since I have been helping people out! Why do people smoke when they know it is unhealthy, may cause disease and downright dangerous? Why do people do this. I am no saint or monk when it comes to living a perfectly clean life, but I [...] read more

In the Heat of the Moment

Knysna was hit by devastating fires in June. It was a terrifying and surreal time for all of us and in many ways is still hard to think about. We thought that we had lost the building in Knysna town where chiroLIFE operates from as we had to join the hundreds of people that had to evacuate. We were [...] read more

Peas of Cake seminar-Picky eating gone too far?

Join the PEAS OF CAKE Seminar Tuesday 27th June, 9am-12am OR 29th June 6pm-9pm. @ chiroLIFE, 28 Fichat street, Knysna Central     OR Saturday 9t August, 9am-12am @ George Arts Theatre Presented by Dr Vicci Deverneuil from chiroLIFE (chiropractor & metabolic balance coach) Many children eat so little variety or amount that it interferes with physical, social or emotional [...] read more

Osteoporosis: Chiropractic and vitamin K2

Chiropractic care is safe and effective in managing Osteoporosis
Other necessary things to aid in strong and dense bone is exercise and good nutrition
One of the missing ingredients in the formula is a little known vitamin called Vit K2, it helps the body to absorb calcium, as well as other things

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Exercise – Getting Started

Exercise is a powerful tool that greatly influences your ability to be fully healthy.

Combine it with the other pillars of health — proper nutrition, sufficient high-quality sleep, stress management, and holistic living — and you’ve got the perfect formula to help you move up the ladder to good health.

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Tips during Pregnancy, Post Birth & for Colic

In several studies it has been shown that women who receive chiropractic adjustments in their third trimester of pregnancy were able to carry and deliver children with more comfort. Woman Have Special Needs During Pregnancy During pregnancy many physiological and endocrinological changes take place all for the purpose of creating the optimum environment for the [...] read more

Chiropractic with Pregnancy, Labour and Birth

Chiropractic for Pregnancy, Labour and Birth Research Chiropractic Health benefits for the mother and the unborn child: With chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy – the need for pain killers was reduced by 50%. In a study by chiropractor and medical doctor, "Static alterations of the pelvic, sacral and lumbar area due to pregnancy helped by chiropractic treatment" Chiropractic inter-professional [...] read more

Dark Raw Chocolate

Raw Chocolate Cacao butter 70g Coconut oil, 2tblsp Lacuma powder 70g Vanilla essence 1tsp Himalayan salt 1/4tsp Cacao Powder 2tblsp (+...) Honey 1 tblsp (or even less) Any chopped nuts (optional) Melt the cacao butter and coconut oil in a double boiler. Don't burn! Place cashews in a high speed blender or coffee grinder and blend till [...] read more

White Chocolate

This comes from he Rawlicious team of Peter and Beryn of the SUPERFOOD fame: Ingredients: (can be purchased at RAWGANICS on Thesen Island) 1 cup cashew nuts (140g) 1 cup cacao BUTTER (140g) (melted) 1/4 cup coconut oil (2 tblsp) (melted) 1/4 cup honey (2 tblsp) 2 tblsp mesquite 1 tblsp lucuma powder 1/2 tsp vanilla [...] read more

Are Cell Phones Hazardous

In 2011, the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) declared the radiation emitted by cell phones and wireless devices a Group 2B “Possible Carcinogen,” based on the available research
72 percent of industry-funded studies failed to discern any biological effect from cell phone radiation exposure, whereas 67 percent of independent studies did find biological effects
Most recently, the National Toxicology Program, an interagency research program, based at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences concluded that whole body exposure to cell phone radiation likely caused heart and brain cancer in male rats
This large animal study supports the growing body of science showing an association between cell phone radiation and brain tumors.

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Mid Year Health Check

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to live healthier? These nine general categories will give you an indication of how far you’ve come and what you still need to work on implementing
This “health check” includes: replacing soda with filtered water, tea and black coffee; intermittent fasting; cleaning up your diet; getting eight hours of sleep every night; and addressing your oral health
Other important strategies include walking more; getting your vitamin D level tested; making stress reduction a daily priority.

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Medical Errors

In 2000, Dr. Barbara Starfield published a study revealing that doctors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S., killing an estimated 225,000 patients each year
According to a new study, medical errors kill an estimated 250,000 Americans each year, confirming that modern medicine is still the third leading cause of death in the U.S.
The CDC doesn’t collect or publish information relating to medical errors or deaths attributed to iatrogenic causes. The researchers urge the CDC to include coding for medical errors on death certificates

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Vaccination Safety and Efficacy

Merck stands accused of falsifying data to artificially inflate the efficacy rating of their mumps vaccine. There is evidence to suggest the vaccine is, indeed, not working
At least 40 students at Harvard University have contracted mumps, and every single one has been vaccinated. Outbreaks in 2009 and 2006 also involved a majority of vaccinated people
The White House is seeking $2 billion to create a vaccine against the Zika virus, just like they did for bird flu, swine flu, SARS, and so many other false alarms that translate into drug company profits when taxpayer dollars fund the development of new vaccines

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Too Much Protein

mTOR is an ancient molecular signalling pathway that is responsible for either growth or repair, depending on whether it is stimulated or inhibited
To upregulate maintenance and repair, boost longevity, and reduce your risk for cancer, you need to suppress the mTOR pathway, and the most efficient way to do this is to limit your protein intake
For longevity, aim for a diet high in healthy fats, low in net carbs, with moderate amounts of high quality protein. Ideally no more than about 1 gram per kilo of lean body mass

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Plant-powered bacon

A lot of moms complain that they cannot get enough protein into their toddlers. This recipe might be helpful. I challenge you to make this deliciously satisfying plant-powered bacon recipe. Ingredients ½ cup dried adzuki beans or other small red beans ⅓ cup hulled wholegrain buckwheat (not buckwheat flour) 1 tsp. onion powder 1 tsp. [...] read more

Focus ADHD Workshop

This topic is something of interest to both children and adults alike. ADHD is a controversial subject that affects millions of people. During this workshop natural ways to help eliminate the symptoms of ADHD were discussed, as well as the truth behind ADHD medications. read more