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What is Metabolic Balance®?

Metabolic Balance® is a nutritional program for weight management and wellbeing. It originated in Germany and has been developed by doctors, nutrition scientists and computer programmers. The foundation is your personal nutrition plan developed on the basis of a detailed blood test and health information. With the aid of this program, you readjust your current daily eating habits and follow a healthy, balanced dietary plan that fits your individual profile. This 4-stage program has all the elements for you to succeed in resolving your personal weight issues permanently as well as integrating optimum health and wellbeing into your life. Metabolic balance cannot prepare a nutritional plan for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, nor for patients with severe kidney or liver failure.

How does Metabolic Balance® work?

Your individual nutrition plan balances your personal “body chemistry” with “food chemistry” which has been customised for you to achieve optimal Metabolic Balance. You will not only eat all the essential and vital nutrients found in fresh wholesome foods, but your plan will also concentrate particularly on the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs to re-balance your metabolism. Therefore, this reflects your very own personal and physical situation and as such relates only to you and your data. Your program will provide information and instructions for the 4 stages as well your individual food list. While following the program it is important that you choose only the foods listed on your plan. After two weeks or more you have an extended food list and so forth. In order to successfully follow the metabolic balance program one needs to be prepared to change eating habits and be disciplined about applying the basic principles. It will require some effort and some learning initially! Ultimately although it is beneficial to continue with the fundamental principles majority of the time it is also necessary to have balance and enjoy a regular treat.

Why does Metabolic Balance® work?

Your nutrition plan aims at supporting your healthy metabolism and the management of your weight. In order to achieve this with the minimum of problems and within a manageable time span, you are accompanied by a qualified Nutritional Therapist who has undergone the specialised Metabolic Balance® training program to become a licensed coach.

By what means does Metabolic Balance® achieve the weight reduction?

With your individual nutrition plan you supply your body with all the vital and healthy nutrients. Food is not selected according to calorie content or percentage of fat, protein and carbohydrates. The only selection criteria is the effect of the food on your hormonal system. Therefore, you promote healthy metabolism and natural insulin secretion. With the help of new and simple rules for preparing food and establishing a new dietary regime you achieve long term and on-going weight management and hormonal balance.

What kind of health improvements can I achieve with Metabolic Balance®?

The transformation and rejuvenation of your body to a fabulous, healthy and balanced state, particularly in combination with appropriate exercise which will assist in preventing common ailments in the long-term. By restoring nutritional balance you recreate your body’s natural equilibrium. You will find that you sleep better and your physical and psychological wellbeing will improve. You will feel healthier and happier, more vital and fresh and it is visible to all! You shed body fat, yet your muscles and connective tissues are protected by Metabolic Balance®, which means your skin remains taut and smooth.

What does it cost?

After an initial free presentation or phone call (approximately 60min and plenty of time to ask questions) where you will learn about the reasoning and the underlying science of metabolic balance, you can decide whether you want to participate in the program. You  will first need to get your blood tested and you will be given a request form.  Costs may vary depending on your medical aid cover but in general it will be covered if you are on a sufficient plan with your medical aid. Private rates range from R2500-R2800 depending on whether you use Pathcare or Ampath and this account is between you and the path lab. Results will be emailed to your metabolic balance coach.

The cost of the plan is R3500 (We know paying the whole of it in one go might be challenging and we can negotiate about splitting the costs over a 2 months.) As another reduction of costs we can offer a family deal of 20% discount for the second and any additional plan. (Your best friend will count as family).  Consults can be one on one or in a group, if you don’t have too many secrets in front of each other. The first consultation where your plan together with a couple of basic rules how, when and what to eat, is introduced to you, takes usually an hour. Part of the success of metabolic balance® are the mandatory follow-up consultations (in person, by phone or skype). There are always questions or obstacles which need to be addressed so up to 5 consultations are offered, but usually majority of clients may only need 2 follow-ups and stay in touch via email or phone calls. My role is to make the plan work for you – for eg. By  giving you plenty of practical support and ideas for easy meals based on the foods included in your plan. If you would like to learn more about the program I can send some more detailed info or you can browse the metabolic balance website Alternatively you can speak with Dr Andreas te Reh, the head of Metabolic Balance South Africa 012 803 9035/6 or or refer to his website (check out the testimonials). You may want to see or discuss a sample plan first in order to decide whether you will be willing and able to make the necessary changes in your life. You may also need the list of blood tests to check if your medical aid will cover and decide from there.

If you are ready to go ahead the next step is for me to send you the blood request form. Some of you may prefer to discuss this further telephonically. Either way let me know.

Dr Vicci Deverneuil


Metabolic Balance coach