Our mission is to help you

and your family become truly

healthy so you can live your

best life possible.


“Welcome to chiroLIFE. We are an inspiring wellness based family chiropractic practice in Knysna. We believe that your health is the most important thing for you to live your best life. We know that the body was born to heal itself and be healthy and that the nervous system controls everything. A chiropractor aims to find and correct any disturbances in your spine and nerves that are interfering with the flow of information that normally allows your body to be healthy and heal itself. This allows the body to return to a natural state allowing it to work and heal the way it should. We also believe that chiropractic works best when included in your healthy lifestyle choices. We would like to be THE experts on your family’s health care team to look after your SPINE and NERVES.”!

How we can help you

Dr Brett and Dr Vicci give regular talks and workshops countrywide to patients, corporates and teams. These include nutrition, stress management, exercise, lifestyle management as well as onsite chiropractic. Enspire Wellness Coaching is an exciting program including online course content, onsite chiropractic, accountability groups and webinars.

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